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Hand-Poured soy candles with beautifully curated scents. Pure and simple ingredients; made consciously and with love.


Soy wax candles are remarkable in their fragrance throw and burning longevity. Here are some helpful tips so you can get the most out of your Rayne Home Decor candles.

The First Burn (Oooohhhhh Yeaaaaah)

Maybe this sounds like a title to the latest R&B slow jam, but it's much better (with much less whining). The FIRST time you burn your soy candles make sure an even wax pool is melted all across the top. This will help prevent your candle from the dreaded tunneling.

Awww Dang It!! My Candle Tunnelled....

Fear Not! All is not lost. Aluminum Foil is to the rescue! Just Tear off a piece, Fold it in half, wrap it around the candle (like so below) and fold in the sides over the flame. Keep that puppy on for 15-30 mins and VOILA!!! All of the built up wax is melted off the sides. Now aren't you glad you bought that box of foil 2 years ago, "just in case someone ever needs it"?  

Snip Snip! Trim That Wick!

Make sure your wick is trimmed to 1/4 inch before lighting. This is for safety reasons and so your wax doesn't cook itself into oblivion. You can use a wick trimmer or a scissor....but trust me, you'll be glad you spent the 10 bucks on Amazon for a wick trimmer; you'll no longer have to do the awkward scissor angly-thingy and jab the end of them into the wax.

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