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Hand-Poured soy candles with beautifully curated scents. Pure and simple ingredients; made consciously and with love.


SWEET GINGER {peach, ginger, lavender} Universal Spray - 12 oz

SWEET GINGER {peach, ginger, lavender} Universal Spray - 12 oz


You will fall in love with this custom blend of peach, ginger and a subtle hint of lavender. The spiciness of the ginger enhances the fruity peach fragrance. The lavender notes tempt your senses and make this a very sophisticated aroma.

Our Universal Spray is formulated to be just that; Universal. Use it on your body, your linens anywhere, in your home, pretty much where ever you enjoy fragrance. 

All of Rayne Home Decor products are handmade in small batches in Connecticut, USA. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with beautiful scents without sacrificing quality or using additives that will harm you or the earth. Each spray is poured into a amber colored plastic PET bottle (BPA-free). All of our Universal Sprays are:

No Animal Testing

Our sprays contain No Emulsifiers. PLEASE SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.

WARNING! Please test on skin and delicate fabrics before regularly using.

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